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  1. Because there is no lanolin in pure alpaca wool, it is hypoallergenic and safe for allergy sufferers to wear, meaning that there is almost 0% that alpaca wool could induce an allergic reaction of itchiness, redness or irritation on your skin. Some people still experience irritation due to extremely sensitive skin
  2. The good news is that top quality alpaca wool is not itchy. If you experience any itchiness you may have really sensitive skin r the alpaca clothing you bought was made from low-quality fibers. One reason for the lack of itch is that alpaca wool does not contain wax lanolin
  3. But alpaca wool doesn't need any special treatment: it's naturally super soft and even less itchy. Alpaca wool (particularly the royal alpaca and baby alpaca fiber grades) is non-itchy, warm, and performs better than merino and other types of sheep's wool

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  1. purchase stromectol Regular alpaca wool is generally itch-free, although some people can experience a light itch. People with sensitive skin perceive regular alpaca as scratchy wool. Royal and baby alpaca should be itch-free for everyone
  2. Because alpaca wool fibers do have scales, you could potentially find it itchy. However, most people find merino wool is more itchy than alpaca, because the scales stick out more and therefore irritate the skin more. 2) Lanolin in the Wool Lanolin is a wax found in wools, like merino
  3. I find alpaca incredibly itchy. Most of it is soft, but it often contains thick, short guard hairs, which are the itchy culprits. I can't wear it next to my skin, at all. Add message | Repor
  4. Alpaca Wool Can Be Itchy Alpaca woolen products made with regular alpaca wool (not baby or royal alpaca wool) can be itchy for people with sensitive skin. One of the greater qualities of alpaca wool is that it is hypoallergenic. Alpaca wool does not contain lanolin, making it the perfect alternative for people with a wool allergy
  5. The fibers in wool are often coarse, making it feel itchy and uncomfortable, especially if your skin is easily irritated. Also, if the wool is of poor quality, this can make it more likely to 'scratch' against the skin. The Benefits Of Choosing Alpaca Wool
  6. The perceived allergic reactions to wool--including hives, splotches, redness and itchiness--are manifestations of sensitive skin's reaction to the coarse fibers of wool, according to Mike Safley,..
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  1. Alpaca Wool and Fine Wool is Less Itchy Cheap wool is going to be itchy; there's no getting around it. Aim for premium apparel brands like Smartwool, Icebreaker, Fjallraven, and Patagonia. They all use fine wool which is much less rough than course wool
  2. I don't find my alpaca to be itchy at all, but then I wear long sleeve shirts with it. Just checked my Highwayman and see the sleeves are lined with corduroy, so wearing a short sleeve shirt shouldn't be a problem for you. If wearing only a T-shirt with no collar, it may be that your neck would come into contact with the alpaca
  3. It's possible you're allergic to its natural fibers; wool, alpaca, cashmere, and angora are common irritants for some people. And if you're allergic, no amount of soaking and freezing will help...
  4. Alpaca is considered a dry fiber, without lanolin, which means no allergic reactions. Wool has scales which makes it more coarse than other natural fibers. These scales are why wool feels itchy; When it rubs against skin, scales can 'catch' on the skin and cause irritation. Alpaca fiber does not have these prickly scales so the individual.
  5. In fact, many people do not find it very itchy at all. But there is a difference between the alpaca animals that produce this type of wool. The Huacaya alpaca wool tends to favor a crimpy style that is very soft and probably softer than merino wool. While the Suri alpaca variety is more silky and lustrous
  6. Some important differences, Alpaca is innately less itchy because the scales on same are of a lower height, less of them, and generally the fiber is smoother

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If it's itchy in the skein, it won't lose much of that itch after it's knitted and blocked. Look for soft fibers and blends. Cashmere and baby alpaca, for example, are luxury fibers that are usually very soft. Wool blends are a great way to tame the itch Ranging from 15-40 microns, alpaca fibers can be very fine and soft, but are generally quite itchy at or over 30 microns, and thus less likely to be used for clothing. Generally a little bit stiffer than merino or cashmere, alpaca fibers are sometimes blended with wools like Merino to improve its draping qualities Alpaca fiber is soft like cashmere, warmer than wool, stronger than wool and oh-so soft. Wool is scratchy and itching is not for me. I tried a sweater made with alpaca fiber and I was hooked

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fabriculture says Alpaca guard hairs can get itch sometimes. They often get left in yarn made by machines. Handspinners usually pull them out Alpaca wool is stronger and less irritating than merino. Merino is itchy and contains lanolin that makes people allergic and can itch to a point of producing rashes. However, merino wool has no lanolin thus hypoallergenic. Also, alpaca is smooth and lighter than merino wool Myth's truth: Good quality alpaca is soft, warm, and more expensive that wool sweaters. Low quality alpaca wool will feel itchy and scratchy and will be on the cheaper side. If you touch a garment and it feels itchy, it was probably made with low quality alpaca. Myth #2: I can't wear alpaca, because I am allergic to wool Arms of Andes explains what makes wool itchy, why alpaca wool is less itchy than merino and why alpaca is best for outdoor and adventure activities. The outdoor community has embraced merino wool as one of the best fibres for adventures, but some still find it itchy In general, sheep's wool has a specific reputation for being itchy, so we'll start with that. The factor that most contributes to itchiness is the diameter of the wool strand. Thicker strands feel itchier and coarser. Other factors that may contribute to itchiness include: dyes for coloring the yarn

Alpaca Fiber Saved People From Itchy Constructed from wool. Author name. Alpaca fiber is usually soft like cashmere, warmer than made of wool, stronger than constructed from wool and oh-so delicate. I am an avid down skier and wish to stay warm together with comfortable. Itching is not really for me 100% Baby Alpaca Yarn Wool Set of 3 Skeins DK Weight - Heavenly Soft and Perfect for Knitting and Crocheting (Plum, DK) 4.5 out of 5 stars. 262. $29.99. $29. . 99. Get it as soon as Wed, Mar 24. FREE Shipping by Amazon As for Alpaca wool, most people will not have any itching or scratching problems with it. However, a few people who are very sensitive to wool still might. Some Advantages of Alpaca Wool. Alpaca wool, however, does have three advantages over Merino wool. First, virtually all Alpaca fleece (shearling) comes from animals bred and raised in the.

Alpaca is more expensive than wool, but if you're going to choose a wool, merino seems to be the best of the bunch. If you can afford cashmere, mohair, or Alpaca wool long johns, go for it. Otherwise, Merino wool is the best of the sheep wools. Next to our skin, it is soft, stretchy, supple, and comfy. Sourc While many people find alpaca wool softer than sheep's wool (including merino) it can feel itchy to some, so might not be for everyone. Carbon footprint. If you're buying Peruvian alpaca wool in the States or the UK, your garment has obviously travelled a long way to get to you, so there is always going to be a carbon footprint Superior to standard cotton or sheep wool, Alpaca wool doesn't contain lanolin with makes it naturally hypoallergenic and water resistant. This makes it gentler on soft skin, which means it won't scratch or poke your body when you're snuggling up for warmth

Soft and lofty, due to the combination of Alpaca and Sheep wool fibers. Washable or can be dry cleaned. Warm and breathable - both Alpaca and Sheep wool have air pockets inside each wool fiber. This promotes a more restful sleep. Full/Queen size - 72 x 88 inches, 5.5 lbs. King size - 86 x 103 inches, 7.2 lbs Alpaca Fiber vs Wool. When it comes to Alpaca Fiber vs wool, Alpaca fiber is soft like cashmere, warmer than wool, stronger than wool and oh-so soft. I'm an avid downhill skier and like to stay warm and comfortable. Itching is not for me. I tried different types of fabrics and liked the warmth of wool but was uncomfortable and itchy Still Itchy? Many consumers who find conventional wools to be uncomfortable find better results buying alpaca wool garments. However, if garments made from alpaca still produce a prickle, do your best to look for items that are made from fibers that are less than twenty-two microns in diameter; buy knitted, not woven, items; and avoid wearing these garments in sweat-producing environments, in.

I just finished my fifth project, a ribbed alpaca scarf with Plymouth magna baby alpaca yarn (doubled up with a thin multicolored yarn that may be polyester, I don't have access to the label at the moment) and sadly it is itchy on my neck! I have alpaca wool pillowcases that never caused issues, and the yarn never made my hands or fingers itch. The wool of Alpaca is possibly itchy. It may cause itching skin due to its erect fibers. Their wool is expensive as well. The cost becomes high because of its flexibility of production. Shipping of this wool to long-distance places has negative impacts on it. It may be affected by heat and moisture The main difference between sheep wool and alpaca is how far the cuticle cells protrude. If you look at a single hair under a microscope, you will see that the outer layer looks scaled. And in sheep wool, these scales typically protrude around 0.8 to 1.0 microns, while in alpaca yarn, it's only approximately 0.3 - 0.4 of a micron Alpaca Collections offers the finest line of top-quality alpaca wool robes. The versatility of alpaca fibers makes it easy to create light, breathable and stylish robes, as well as heavy, warm, and comfortable robes. The fine fibers are much softer and warmer than itchy sheep's wool, and the material never looks coarse or furry, as many other. Alpaca - the Smarter Wool Key features which make alpaca the Smarter wool! * Real - alpaca is 100% natural fiber from adorable animals * Kind - alpacas are not harmed during their annual haircut * Semi-Hollow Fiber - Naturally a great insulator * Heat Active - Alpaca is warm even if it get wet! * Hydrophobic - alpaca deflects water naturall

Soften Itchy Wool Clothing with Hair Conditioner. If you have a wool sweater that's just a bit too dry and rough for comfort, you can actually soften . Read more. G/O Media may get a commission 1. Soak Your Sweater in Water and Vinegar. Mix together cold water and a few tablespoons of white vinegar. Turn your sweater inside out and submerge it in the mixture, making sure it's totally saturated, and then drain it. Shop. Madewell Jillian Tie Cardigan ($89.5) Shop. H&M H&M+ Cotton-Blend Cardigan ($30) Shop Most people who are sensitive to wool find that they can wear alpaca without the itching or irritation they feel from wool because alpaca fiber is smooth and hollow. Additional performance characteristics include flexibility, water repellent, odor reduction, and excellent insulation compared to other natural wool's

An allergy to the various substances in wool or clothing usually develops only after some time. The allergic reaction is a contact allergy, which becomes apparent after 24 to 48 hours through redness, itching and eczema.. Our immune system recognizes the substance as an aggressor and forms antibodies, which can then trigger the typical symptoms of contact allergy in allergy sufferers So cashmere, alpaca and mohair (which come from goats and alpacas) are actually hair, not wool. Interesting, right? Now let's get started! Merino wool . This soft fiber comes from Merino sheep, mostly found in Australia and New Zealand. Merino wool is finer (or thinner) than your average wool, which makes it softer, less itchy and more flexible Alpaca fiber is a perfect alternative for those that suffer from allergies to sheep's wool and feathers.Their fleece does not contain lanolin or grease like sheep's wool and is cleaned with natural products.Alpaca fiber has a medullated core, which can be fully or partially hollow, deterring dust mites, which are the leading causes of asthma and allergies in the bedroom Alpaca wool fibres make extremely smooth and soft fabric. They are also innately less itchy than other wool types. Some even compare them to the softness of cashmere fabrics, which is often found in sweaters, scarves, and other cold-weather gear. When used as beddings, an alpaca quilt makes luxuriously comfortable duvets with delicate drapes.

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But traditional wool can be so itchy, my skin can't stand it. I can wear merino wool, angora and cashmere, but I am not going to wear my super soft angora and cashmere socks to hike in the woods. I Bought This, Affiliate Links. A few years ago at the Topsfield Fair, Jeff bought me a winter hat made from alpaca yarn Myth #1: Wool is itchy. The most common misconception about wool is that it's itchy and therefore should be avoided when possible. One major reason wool can feel itchy or scratchy is the quality of the wool being used. Generally, the larger the diameter of the strands of wool being used (measured in microns which equals 1 x 10-6 meters in. It's not itchy like sheep's wool. WARM Alpaca Fiber is 5-7 times warmer than sheep's wool. EXCEPTIONALLY SOFT Alpaca Fiber is as soft as cashmere. Featured collection. Insoles — Regular price $12 + Chunky yarn — Regular price $24 + Socks — Regular price $40 + Our shop. 8245 Route 126 Harcourt, NB Canada E4T2Z8.

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Alpaca fibers can be very fine and soft, but also quite itchy, and thus less likely to be used for clothing. (Otherwise, it's great for knit scarves and mittens.) Generally a little bit stiffer than merino or cashmere, alpaca fibers are sometimes blended with wool to improve its draping qualities When I was a child, I remember alpaca sweaters for being incredibly warm (much more so than sheep's wool), but very itchy. They would often itch right through an undershirt. But today's alpaca isn't itchy at all, and alpaca fiber is always described as not itchy in the literature

Alpaca fleece also doesn't have scales, which are what create the itch factor in wool. Moisture-proof: Merino wool is known to be naturally moisture wicking, but only up to a point. Eventually. The answer lies in its properties. As the fibres have fewer scales on the external layer than sheep wool, mohair is extremely soft, which makes it perfect for people with sensitive skin or who find sheep wool a bit itchy. It is also insulating, without absorbing heat, so it regulates your body temperature. Unwanted odours are avoided thanks to. Alpaca wool is a natural wonder, sought after for its delicate texture and unparalleled performance. It isn't itchy and it's hypoallergenic. Once reserved for Incan royalty, alpaca wool is now one of the most sought-after fibers in the world. FINE FABRICS, NATURALLY DYED. Avocado Alpaca throws are available in 12 distinct earth-tone. Non-Itchy - The fibers of alpaca wool are super small and fine, making them smooth to touch and very gentle on skin. It's rare that anyone would consider Alpaca to be an itchy material at all. Lightweight - Inside the fibers of alpaca wool are tiny little air pockets that enable a lightweight finish without affecting the thermal capabilities

Unlike some types of wool, merino wool is not itchy. Alpaca wool is hollow, which makes the wool lightweight but even warmer than other wools. It's also hypoallergenic Beautifully made, this gorgeous alpaca blanket is thick, soft and warm. Perfect for a king size bed. It has a very nice, special color. This is a heavy blanket, not like the throw type. Alpaca blankets are unmatched for providing a cozy warmth on a chill evening. There is simply no comparison to other natural or synthetic fibers Alpaca. Alpaca wool is lightweight, soft, silky, and durable. It's similar to traditional sheep's wool but is warmer and less scaly. (Read: not as itchy.) There are two different types of Alpaca. 50% Alpaca Wool/5% Wool/45% Acrylic Wool; ULTRA SOFT AND NEVER ITCHY: We designed our soft alpaca wool blend sweater to be itch-less and warm. Our alpaca jacket sweater comes in a variety of different colors and in one size (26 L X 55 W). Enjoy yourself the comfort of our alpaca wool poncho sweater on any casual occasion

Alpaca fleece is the natural fiber harvested from an alpaca. There are two different types of alpaca fleece. The most common fleece type comes from a Huacaya. Huacaya fiber grows and looks similar to sheep wool in that the animal looks fluffy. The second type of alpaca is Suri and makes up less than 10% of the South American alpaca population Another wool type for wool blankets is the alpaca wool. Alpaca wool is much stronger, can retain heat better and has less weight than the sheep wool. In addition the alpaca fibers offer a greater variety of colors (24 natural colors!), softness and gloss Alpaca fleece is one of the most prized natural fibers in the world, and a favorite material for luxury fashion designers and hand knitters alike. The extremely soft, lightweight, and durable material comes from the alpaca, which is native to Peru, and alpaca fleece and yarn is a staple of winter wardrobes, from socks to hats to sweaters to coats and more

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Jun 7, 2021 - Oversize Alpaca woman knit sweater featuring turtleneck , relaxed fit , thumb holes. Extra warm and thick but soft and drapes nicely . Winter is around the corner.. The laid back chic look is perfect for casual weekdays or relaxing weekends. Amazingly soft , lightweight and cozy sweater. Made of 7 Blend Alpaca Yarn Wool Set of 3 Skeins Worsted Weight - Heavenly Soft and Perfect for Knitting and Crocheting (Mint Green, Worsted) : Amazon.ae: Arts & Craft I'm allergic to wool can I wear alpaca? Farm visitors often ask us this question. They experience an itchy, irritating and uncomfortable sensation when wearing a wool garment next to the skin. This leads many folks to believe this is an allergic reaction are unable to wear wool and by association, alpaca. The truth is, i

Here is our TOP-5 list of garments you can make using alpaca wool: 1. Alpaca coat. Alpaca coat is the new basic. This type of wool does not itch and easily wards off the cold - a pure luxury for any wardrobe! You may try a long swing coat or a shorter cutaway style, or even something new and chic like sweater-coat. 2. Alpaca ponch The Frisenvang natural handspun knitting yarns are spun from 100% babyalpaca wool. All the Frisenvang woven products and some of our sweaters are made of this quality. Fine alpaca is the third category of alpaca. It is also extremely soft and does not itch. The Frisenvang ponchos and several of our sweaters are knitted of 100% superfine alpaca The wool from the first shearing of this animal, in the first 2 years if its life, is called baby alpaca and is a super-fine, super-soft fiber which can be worn right next to the skin without itching. The wool does not have the natural oil called lanolin, which is what makes sheep's wool itch when right against the skin Hypoallergenic means that alpaca wool is won't give you rashes, it won't give you the sniffles (*sniff* *sniff*), and it's not itchy! It's soft, and it keeps you warm! If it's a cold winter day, a comfy sweater made out of alpaca wool is going to keep you nice and toasty! Plus, it's made from one of the best animals on Earth. 3 If you have a wool allergy, or specifically a lanolin allergy, this may be true for you. However, some of the softest yarns on the market these days are wool yarns and wool blends. Superwash wool is a tried-and-true favorite of so many fiber artists because it is deliciously soft, a natural fiber, and you can wash it! Last, consider baby alpaca.

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Alpaca fiber has the most natural color choice with a vast array of shades in between. Strands of alpaca fiber are smooth. People who are sensitive to wool products find they can wear alpaca without the itch associated with wool. Alpaca fiber is also lanolin-free. Lanolin holds dust and microscopic allergens that create allergies associated to. Itching is often more common around the neck, so wear a wool item with a lower neckline. Hand wash your woolen garments with wool wash, and use fabric conditioner. Washing the woolen garment several times will make it softer and make irritation of your skin less likely. Hand wash the garment before wearing it for the first time Alpaca. especially baby alpaca, is a very soft material that will not itch or irritate the skin, which is why it is so sought-after. If you try on a sweater or scarf and it rubs your skin the wrong way then it's likely not alpaca - trust your skin Intipakucha comes from the Inca language: Quechua. Inti means life, protection, shelter and sun. Pakucha is the alpaca, unique, with its luxury wool. Promote the concept of slow fashion with with durable fibers and timeless design. Our goal is to minimize waste, microplastics of all kinds and maximize social impact

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Alpacas are covered in wool similar to that of a sheep, but not itchy! Come and meet our alpaca, Jake, and find out for yourself how soft alpacas are! Amelia. Did You Know? There are two breeds of alpacas: the huacaya and suri. The huacaya's fleece is long and crimpy, covering most of their body. The suri's fleece grows down the contours of. Alpaca fibers have a hollow core which make it lightweight, and warm (it's trueit's warmer than you think it will be!) it is the strongest of the animal fibers (wool, cashmere, etc.) Alpaca fibers are less likely to pill (although alpaca DOES pill - edited to add this after wearing my Lauren Manoogian 100% alpaca sweater a while. Alpaca fiber is hypo-allergenic. That means that people with wool sensitivities can wear it. Alpaca is a hollow core fiber so it keeps you warmer than wool when you need to be warm, but breathes when you need to be cool. We also have a full line of patterns to use with each of the yarns we offer. Shop Patterns Alpaca wool (particularly the royal alpaca and baby alpaca fiber grades) is non-itchy, warm, and performs better than merino and other types of sheep's wool Can you wash alpaca wool sweater? Gently wash in warm water with a mild soap (mild shampoo will do) and thoroughly rinse in water of the same temperature

Alpaca wool is very soft, smooth and warm. It is not itchy like a lot of sheep wool. Alpaca wool is free of lanolin which gives some people allergies - perfect for knitting baby clothes. We sell two alpaca products * Balls of quality 8 ply alpaca wool Naturally hypoallergenic. Not itchy like sheep wool. 5 times warmer than wool. Wear resistant—does not pill. More durable than wool. Wrinkle resistant for travel. Not a cling-to-body fabric. What do you call a baby alpaca? A baby alpaca is called a cria (CREE-uh) Alpaca garments are normally of very high quality - so far there is no 'cheap' alpaca. The only problem with alpaca going forward is that because of the rarity of the alpacas themselves, and the fact that alpaca wool is starting to be used by top level couturiers, this may start sending the prices up Touch of Alpaca® Yarn. SKU: 674-104. 5 reviews. $6.99. Experience the soft, silky Touch of Alpaca®! Alpaca is similar to sheep's wool but warmer, softer, and hypoallergenic. Our Touch of Alpaca® blend offers these top qualities of natural fiber fiber combined with durability and washability, all available in 16 stunning modern neutral.

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Another difference between sheep's wool and alpaca fiber is the way it reacts to water. because it makes the garment feel coarser and potentially itchy. Through judging and sorting alpaca. Coarse, itchy wool has 1-2 crimps per inch of fiber, while high-quality merino wool has closer to 100. The highest quality merino wool is naturally soft, but some modern wool garments are treated for softness. In this process, the wool is washed in an acidic bath that smoothes some of the natural roughness of the fiber surface Halo is a lace weight brushed Suri Alpaca. While it looks like mohair, it has an amazing softness with none of the itchy-ness that you might find in mohair. Suri alpaca is very rare and very lustrous and is perfect for lacy projects. Each 50g ball contains an amazing 514 yards. You can achieve a wide range of gauges on a US #4-8 needle and beyond Welcome to Heartsease Alpacas, where we specialize in Suri alpaca wares, including wool, alpaca fur products, and a genuine farm experience! We own a total of around 14 alpacas, all of them the Suri variety. These alpacas are known as one of two alpaca varieties originating from South America - the Huacaya and the Suri. However, the rarer. Alpaca Wool Throws . Reviews Soft, stylish, and handwoven with centuries of heritage and expertise, our Alpaca Throws are made completely from 100% natural Alpaca fibre sourced from generational Alpaca breeders in the Peruvian Andes. Colour: Dimensions: 51 x 71 and 1.2 lb (550g) $140 ! $140 Add to Cart. Details:.

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I'm sensitive to wool but alpaca doesn't bother me for some reason. The wool in this one was pretty rough and itchy. Too bad because it's beautiful. If you don't have an issue with wool, it's a great piece. True to size. Date published: 2020-10-27 Luxury Item vs. Inferior Good . An i nferior good is a good that experiences less demand as a person's income increases. As a result, it has a negative elasticity of demand. For example, cheap. This one has the same stretchy knit fabric I was looking for, but the quality is better than my old one since this is Alpaca wool and much warmer. (As someone who find wool itchy, I will have to wear long sleeves and a collar underneath, but that's okay.

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alpaca wool is one of the most exclusive & sort after types of wool. this alpaca wool is a mix of the following 33% alpaca / 12% polymide / 49% virgin wool / angora 6%. it is super soft & not itchy. it can be used for jackets, vests,coats and great for accessories like warm scarves,shawls,socks,mittens,hats and blankets ULTRA SOFT AND NEVER ITCHY: We designed our soft alpaca blanket to be itch-less and cozy so you can bring the comfort of home wherever you go. Our wool throw comes in a variety of different colors and 3 different sizes, king (110 x 90″), queen (97 x 92″) and twin (82 x 62″) so no matter the circumstance, our thick wool blanket. Trimmed in beige, the sweater is knitted in a soft alpaca blend featuring three buttons diagonally over the left shoulder. A subtle horizontal border gives the illusion of a layered piece. 0.24 kgs. 0.5 lbs. View size chart. Metric. US/Imperial. 50% alpaca, 45% acrylic, and 5% wool. Textile softness: Soft -- this item has been made with natural.

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Dec 8, 2020 - http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/122231608689?_mwBanner=1. See more ideas about alpaca wool, wool, alpaca Alpaca Wool Hooded Capes made by small communities of Artisans in the Highlands of Ecuador using techniques dating back hundreds of years! This cape features reach colors and a draped cowl neck. Made Elegantly with Alpaca fibers for you to enjoy its comfortable, warm and lightweight wear all year long! Worried about feeling itchy or to warm.

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QISU Alpaca Wool Throw Blanket - Veined Color Blankets. $115.00. The many colors of these beautiful alpaca wool throw blankets complement a room with diverse, important tones and depth. For you, these colors provide a context and warmth that touches everyone.. Elasticity and Resistance: Alpaca fiber is unusually strong, resilient, and has very good elasticity, making it possible to compare it with wool and other animal fibers. Lanolin-free: Lanolin is grease found in most sheep's wool that protects the fiber, imparts a unique odor, and is the cause of wool allergies Though our alpaca wool socks are wonderfully warm socks, they are still lightweight and not bulky in your shoes. HEALTH BENEFITS: In addition to being great for wearing as camping gear in during outdoor activities in the colder months of the year, our cozy wool socks for boots can serve as help for health issues as well

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