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According to North American Whitetail editor Gordon Whittington and associate editor Haynes Shelton, the Brewster buck is the largest buck ever taken by a hunter anywhere in North America Travis Ocker of Lawton poses with the big buck that he killed with his bow on Nov. 12. The trophy buck was the highest-scoring buck ever killed by a bow hunter in Oklahoma and the second-largest non-typical whitetail by any hunter Setting a Record In addition to being the top non-typical bow buck in Arkansas history, this giant was the state's biggest killed by any hunter, gun or bow, in 2013. The rack gross scores 214 1/8 and nets 212 1/8. It's a mirror-image 180-inch mainframe 4x4 with 34 inches of non-typical points Barry Peterson shot this monster buck in 1995 in Colorado. The deer scored 195 7/8 inches and was the largest bow killed typical buck in 1995. The summer of 1995 brought attention to Barry Peterson that he had a very big buck living on his hunting area How a humble Virginia hunter bagged the biggest non-typical whitetail a bowhunter has ever seen. The final Boone & Crockett numbers of the Brewster buck: a staggering 337 1/8 inches gross and 327 7/8 inches net

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Long-time guide and entrepreneur Jim Brewster was hunting in the Elk River Valley in 1905 when he killed the giant buck. Back then, B&C only recorded measurements for main-beam length, and the.. Tory Pegg killed a 151-inch buck last season. That's a good deer by anyone's standard, but the younger buck traveling with Pegg's 2018 deer really got the hunter's attention. The buck already had an impressive rack, but Pegg judged him to be just 2 ½ years old

Yes, the two largest bucks ever didn't fall to the bullet or arrow of a hunter. This buck is known as the Missouri Monarch. A mature Missouri buck that showcased some serious head gear that totaled up to a staggering 333 7/8 inches, making it the largest scored whitetail ever Majors drew his bow, but couldn't get a shot. The big deer walked behind the brush, grabbed a drink from the creek, and bedded down at 40 yards. I was torn up, nervous, and shaking, he says. He.. Michigan Bowhunter Kills 227-inch Monster Whitetail Buck. Archer Corey Memering spent nearly a year scouting, tracking, and earning permission to hunt private land for a chance at one of the largest whitetails ever shot in the state. By Ben Romans December 15, 2018. Hunting

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  1. The biggest bodied deer I've ever shot. Tom Powers, of Gorham, N.Y. arrowed this impressive 11-point buck on Oct. 17 in South Bristol in Ontario County. He wrote: I harvested this buck at 9 a.m
  2. The Wollermann buck measured 187 7/8 inches net, making it the biggest typical whitetail ever killed with a bow in Waukesha County and fourth in Wisconsin, according to records kept by the..
  3. Biggest Whitetail Buck Ever Killed in Texas (2018) - Compilation of a Mega Giant Free Range Bow Kill - Bowhunting - Chad Jones Buck Follow me: Facebook https..
  4. He had just shot the biggest (and also first) buck of his life, a 224 3/8-inch whitetail. If the score holds up after the mandatory 60-day drying period, the buck could be the largest deer ever killed in Adams County with a compound bow. I hunt the farm with both of my brothers-in-law, and they were happy for me, but also mad, Richmond says
  5. The state record for archery kills in Michigan sits at 182 inches, according to Commemorative Bucks of Michigan official Terry Kemp. CBM is the official record keeper of bucks killed in the state...
  6. If it had been legally killed, the buck would have been hailed as the highest scoring deer taken with a bow and arrow ever in Texas, according to Pope and Young Club records
  7. Troy Alan Reinke robbed Minnesota hunters of one of the biggest 8-point bucks ever in 2009. Reinke was only eligible for an archery tag and told the DNR he'd taken the buck with his bow. But he had already taken a doe and another smaller buck, which he had failed to tag

Ernie Thompson holds the record for the biggest buck killed with a muzzleloader during the 2016-2017 season. The typical buck scored 137 5/8, making it the 6th biggest buck placed on the Florida Buck Registry for the season, as of the middle of June On October 16, Drury connected with great buck his team had named 'BW' for big-and-wide. This was the biggest-framed buck I've ever hunted and he scored 180-4/8, says Drury. Only four days later,.. One of four, the biggest buck from the smallest state was picked up in 2011. It was found in Providence County. No non-typical large enough to make the book has ever been found or killed (and reported) in Rhode Island. Typical: 176 4/8 inches. Non-Typical: None. Connecticut. Garry Lovrin shot the typical state-record in 1993 in Litchfield County

It was the biggest deer in the show, which attracted 232 entries. The second largest was a 17-point Floyd County buck killed during the muzzleloading season by Les Hall. It scored 243 9/16 The deer included are a collection of some of the biggest scoring deer shot by bow in Utah over the past several years. These deer include typical and non-typicals That's when he arrowed a monster 28-point that has been green scored at 222 inches Pope & Young, which could make it the largest non-typical deer ever killed by a bow hunter in the state Not only does the Mettler buck shatter that record by more than 10 inches, but it's also the largest typical whitetail on record ever killed with either a gun or bow in South Dakota. It tops a.

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The previous record of 2071/8 inches — set by a buck killed in Mason County by James Pauley — had stood for 31 years. The Wayne County buck eclipsed it by 244/8 inches. Only one buck taken. Monster Public-Land Buck is New Pennsylvania Archery Record. - Tuesday January 16, 2018 - Steve Sorensen. Ron Shaulis holds the antlers of his record-breaking typical whitetail deer, that he shot with a compound bow on Oct. 24, 2017. Left to right: Official Boone and Crockett Club scorer Ray Brugler, Ron Shaulis and Game Commission Big-Game. The 13-point Pushmataha buck was killed November 28, 2007. County buck is Oklahoma's largest-ever non-typical archery buck and No. 2 overall in the Cy Curtis Awards program with antlers. Rich Pisa, Jr., right, took this 10-point buck with his bow Nov, 9 in Hanover in Chatauqua County. The hunter's father, Rich Pisa, Sr., is also shown. The deer weighed 205 pounds after being field.

This is the heaviest whitetail deer ever killed. It broke the 50-year record held by the #2 Spot! This deer is one of the biggest that I have ever seen and one that could hold the record for a very long time! Field Dressed Weight: 431-Lbs. Estimated Weight On Hoof: 540-Lbs. Ontario, 197 He said he got his opportunity at about 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 7, 2017 and dispatched the buck with his bow. After inspecting the deer carcass, game wardens then went to the area where Johnson claimed to have killed the big deer to confirm the details of his story [question]What is the biggest buck you have ever killed with a bow and a gun?[/question]Landon,I assume you are talking about antler score. If so, the bucks with largest antler score with both a bow and gun have both scored 168+ inches. Enjoy creation,grantFebruary 11, 2016 Visit to learn more Gerrits buck is record typical bow kill. Stevens Point, Wis. — The 14-point white-tailed buck shot by William Dusty Gerrits, of Waupun, on the morning of Nov. 6, 2012, is not only the biggest typical buck tagged by a bow-hunter in Fond du Lac County. It is now officially the biggest bow-killed typical whitetail taken anywhere in Wisconsin

Bow hunters and gun hunters alike hold deer hunting in Wisconsin in high esteem. Wisconsin offers a wealth of farmland in the south and forest land in the north of the state, making it ideal for the deer herd. Biggest Wisconsin Bucks Killed. So what are some of the largest bucks ever recorded in the State of Wisconsin? That depends on which. This non-typical whitetail will likely go down as one of the top bucks taken in Ohio this year. It could possibly be the largest non-typical buck taken with long bow (compound bow) ever in Adams County. The buck was scored for Buckmaster by Rob Meade of Seaman, scoring an incredible 224-3/8 inches. Richmond will have to wait the required 60. So thankful to have killed my biggest buck EVER yesterday in Kentucky with a bow - a 161 1/8 11 point in full velvet I had named Spanky-This is NOT a high fence deer for those commenting that it is ‍♀️ come on people.-The back story: The first evening hunting at Whitetail Heaven, this buck walked in front of me My biggest buck that I ever killed with a bow was 159 inches in South Dakota that I killed last year. Sometimes people are surprised when I tell them the biggest deer I ever killed with a bow is just shy of 160. They think you go to the best places and that they've got the deer tied out for you and all you have to do is climb the tree

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Since 1963 the DNR has kept detailed records of the biggest racked bucks killed in West Virginia. Each year, the agency seeks out the biggest racks hunters have killed during the fall hunting season Here are the top record whitetail bucks taken in New York, by category, as recorded by the New York State Big Buck Club. Gun Typical. Roosevelt Luckey Buck. Score: 198 2/8. Number of Points: 14. Year Taken: 1939 Stay tuned to F&S.com for more big buck 23-pointer killed by Mike Giarraputo of Suffolk County in 2011, and taking its spot as the biggest non-typical buck ever taken with a bow in New York. The current record for a typical whitetail taken with a bow was 188 7/8 killed in 2014 in McDowell County. You can see the full list of the state's largest bucks here. Listen to Jody Dalton.

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Rock Springs, AR — A 5 year old Arkansas girl has broken the world record for the largest deer ever killed on the opening day of deer season. The deer scored 357-7/8 inches by a local Boone and Crocket (B&C) official. The deer was killed this morning at 8:45 at a local deer club in Rock Springs Arkansas, north west of Monticello The heaviest deer that's ever been shot on our place. Our client hunted this deer for 11 days. We'd had very warm weather and this buck just would leave his bed in a cedar swamp during the day The current state record non-typical bow buck was killed by Vicki Husted in Tensas Parish in 2010 and measured 227 6/8 inches. But Husted's deer, along with the No. 2 buck on the state's all.

The record for the biggest deer in Wisconsin ever to be found or killed is 253 inches. And he is flirting with breaking the record, he says. It's been 47 years A Closer Look at Mississippi's State-Record Typical Buck. As Mississippi farmer Will Rives headed out for an afternoon bowhunt on Dec. 14, 2010, his father Bill made a bold prediction. When I left, I was walking out of the office and he said, 'You're going to shoot the biggest deer in the woods tonight,'€‰ Rives recalled In fact, the buck is so enormous that it crushed all the previous Texas Big Game Awards Program records and now ranks as highest scoring non-typical ever taken on open range in Texas by rifle or bow since the program began logging records in 1991-92. It also is the biggest free ranging Texas whitetail reported statewide in nearly a century

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November 27, 2017. Mike Moore. Unionville, Ohio — A southeast Ohio man shot a massive deer on Oct. 26 that could be one of the larger bucks shot in Ohio this season. And, it is a story about a hunt that almost didn't happen. Jim Bebout, of Stockport in Morgan County, on Oct. 26 arrowed a 15-inch non-typical buck that measured a gross 211. A Woodbury woman has bagged one of the biggest bucks ever killed in Minnesota with a bow and arrow. Deb Luzinski shot the 24-point buck last Friday at Bald Eagle-Otter Lakes Regional Park in White Bear Township, in northeastern Ramsey County By far my biggest roebuck with my bow. From: guidermd. 23-May-11. at least he was bigger than the other one . From: Bowfreak. This was my biggest buck ever barely fit in my wallet!! From: Lee. 23-May-11. Mr. Locon - huge Bama buck!! Very, very nice. The first one I killed in my lucky cedar tree in Kansas. He had 15 of non-typical off.

Jody Dalton killed a massive whitetail with his bow in Wyoming County, West Virginia, on Nov. 6, 2020. He speculated it would beat the current state record of 188 ⅞ inches but needed to wait 60 days to get an official score. On Jan. 13, 2021, official scorers measured the buck at West Virginia.. In the State of Ohio, this buck scores as the number two archery buck ever taken. On the Pope and Young measuring system, my buck should score either in the top 15 or top 10 bucks ever harvested with a compound bow The very first doe I ever killed weighed 166 pounds on the Check station scales. That was field dressed and the first year Maryland allowed does to be killed. For many years it was one deer per year and it had to be a buck. Then they gave out some permits to allow killing one doe and it was only a two or three day season

The buck's antlers would likely have put it in the running for California's largest-ever blacktail, according to The Sacramento Bee. According to CDFW's investigation, Kautz tried to cover up the kill, hiding the trophy buck's head at a friend's house, essentially giving investigators the run-around as they tried to piece. Big Game Information KANSAS TOP 20 DEER RECORDS *Harvest by muzzleloader. Name Score Year Co. of Harvest Joseph Waters, Topeka, KS 280 4/8 1987 Shawnee Mark Watson, Horton, KS 280 0/8 2018 Brown Chris Theis, Shawnee, KS 279 1/8 1992 Leavenworth.

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The deer, killed by Jim Smith of Front Royal, was the largest deer killed in North America in 1992. It is the potential world record, not to mention potential state record, for the Long Hunter. Hams said he believes the biggest deer he's ever checked in his state weighed in about 250 pounds field dressed. That would be a shade over 300 on the hoof, and that is a very, very big deer

Pennsylvania's biggest bucks are tracked by the Big Game Measuring Program that the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association launched in 1965 WV Big Bucks. 58,999 likes · 72 talking about this. I created this page so because I truly enjoy checking out the pics of bucks local hunters have taken. Thought it would be fun to have a central..

In 2006, Robert Coombs, a Roswell resident, bagged the largest deer ever killed with a crossbow in Georgia. He was hunting in the Roswell city limits just off a four-lane highway. In November. Jason Houser is an avid traditional bowhunter from Central Illinois who killed his first deer when he was nine years old. A full-time freelance writer since 2008, he has written for numerous national hunting magazines. Jason has hunted big game in 12 states with his bow, but his love will always be white-tailed deer and turkeys Hunter kills what could be largest buck ever shot in U.S. December 13, 2018 / 12:48 PM / CBS News A hunter in Illinois may have shot the largest buck ever in the United States, CBS Chicago/CBS. Number 8 in the World SCI Record Book - 37 inch Trophy Axis Buck killed with a bow. Number 8 in the World SCI Record Book. Shonto Ranch. Chris Childs, President & Owner Call or Text Chris at 210-317-4578 to schedule your Trophy Hunting and Fishing trip. Shonto Ranch 845 Lower Turtle Creek Roa The current record for the largest typical rack belongs to a deer shot in Saskatchewan, Canada by Milo N. Hanson in 1993. Totaling 213 5/8 points, this largely symmetrical, 14-point rack is impressive to behold. This deer took first place from a 10-point Wisconsin buck, shot by James Jordan. This rack scored 206 1/8 points and has held the.

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Subscribe: 1 year only $26. A 312-pound whitetail buck deer was killed near Freedom. in far northwestern Oklahoma last weekend and is possibly. the biggest deer ever killed in the state. The. KANSAS- A Kansas bowhunter may have just harvested one of the largest non-typical whitetail bucks in the world. Brian Butcher, 38, shot the deer with a bow and arrow from a treestand at 25 yards. It had a net score of 185-4/8, which bested the existing Pennsylvania record for a typical buck killed by an archer. Shaulis used a compound bow to take the deer while hunting on public land in.

AWR is Now on Your Phone! We have launched a Whitetail Records App that includes all of the record book deer. We have been working on this for a long time and hope you will enjoy scrolling through the record books on your phone. CLICK HERE TO GET THE APP. Score Your Deer Serious Deer Talk Autauga/Chilton club opening. by jameyr. 07/24/21 05:10 PM Soterra Lease Available by TGF56. 07/24/21 10:42 A

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Mabrey's buck, sporting a third beam and sticker points everywhere, was the biggest non-typical ever killed with a bow and arrow in the Tar Heel State. Scott Osborne and Mike Seamster, wildlife biologists with the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, scored the buck in early December, and the numbers were astonishing His most published success came in 2007 when he harvested the largest whitetail ever shot on video by a bow hunter, a 230†Kansas Monster. Many of his hunting successes were accomplished on his own properties (Big Buck Properties®), including the Kansas Monster. He has harvested over 20 different big game animals around the world But I've been hunting this public landfor 30 yearsand this was the biggest buck that I ever seen while bow hunting so letting him go would of prob been the last chance at a decent buck in this heavily hunted area... Hell the 4pt would of prob been the biggest buck I killed with a bow he was one of those 4pts that was prob like 3.5 years ol That made it the highest-scoring buck ever shot by a hunter. The previous record, 307 ⅝, was set in Iowa in 2003 by 15-year-old Tony Lovstuen, also with a muzzleloader

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The biggest buck I ever killed (15+ yards) was with a 64 45#@28 American Archery Cheetah. The shaft was loaded with a 125 grn, 6-blade Wasp. He tried to duck the shot but the arrow imbedded halfway through his spine and dropped him like a rag doll The buck had main beams in the 25-inch range over a 19-inch spread with 7-inch bases, according to The Clarion Ledger. An unofficial score put the Clark's kill at 205, subsequent scores are closer. With deer season in full swing big bucks are starting to drop. here is a list of the biggest bucks we have seen killed in the first half of October, and what we know about them. While we can not verify all the details, we have done our best to make sure they are free-range bucks killed in the begging of October 2019 Some Virginia trophy deer are. pictured below, with a notation of the hunter, county, and date of kill. We'll be posting more in. time to come. Enjoy. Tony Hodges, 22pt, Henry Co., 2006 Pope & Young Score. of 197 3/8 but only held the record for 3 years... until. John Feazell's buck (see 1st pics above) came along

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The story behind the biggest crocodile ever caught in Australia: How a petite Polish immigrant with perfectly manicured nails nailed an 8.6metre monster the biggest ever killed or captured in. At the time, this buck was the second largest non-typical in the world (behind only the 286-point Jeff Benson Buck from Texas), and Mossy Horns was far and away the new world record by bow. This buck is indeed a fitting archery world record, and even after all of these years, he's faced no serious challenges to that title New Jersey had the highest percentage of deer harvest with archery equipment at 63%, Rhode Island was highest with muzzleloaders at 48%, and Idaho was highest in rifle/shotgun deer harvest with 94%. Texas had the highest total buck harvest at 460,242. Michigan killed the most bucks per square mile at 3.7. Mississippi killed the most bucks per.

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This massive 17-point ranks as the largest deer ever taken from Mississippi public land, and could be a state record buck. It was killed on Canemount WMA this week. This Canemount WMA buck, which has been scored as high as 205 inches, could be the largest deer ever killed in Mississippi, if it is officially scored as a typical buck Her next biggest buck was a 12-point typical whitetail that scored 178 inches. She and her dad credit much of her shooting skills to 4-H where she competes in air pistol and archery shooting. Well my experience with this shot wasn't as lucky, I didn't recover my buck. Would be the largest buck I have ever shot with a bow and would of definately of been the largest deer I had shot at the time. Buck fever got the best of me that day. I was 25 ft. up a tree with this deer walking straight to me, he would of walked directly under my stand

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Video: The Largest Whitetail Buck Ever Shot on Camera OutdoorHub Reporters 10.27.14 On October 12, hunter Joe Franz harvested a massive whitetail buck with a muzzleloader on his property in Iowa Just a couple of years back, a young Ohio bow hunter named Mike Beatty killed a 304-6/8 nontypical whitetail that has sat atop the heap of hunter kills since that time. But that's about to change with Tony Lovstuen's buck. Lovstuen's giant nontypical green scored a massive 322-4/8 points on the Boone and Crockett Club measuring system For the 48-year-old cellular tower company operations manager, the date will forever be remembered as the day he killed what he says is a once-in-a-lifetime, 16-point buck. Buckmasters official.