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18 Inch Farm and Tractor Tires. Sub-Categories. 7.50-18 and 210/95R18 Farm and Tractor Tires. 8-18 Farm and Tractor Tires. 9.5-18 Farm and Tractor Tires. 10.5/80-18 Farm and Tractor Tires. 12.0-18 Farm and Tractor Tires. 12.5/80-18 Farm and Tractor Tires. 15./70-18 Farm and Tractor Tires Here are two tire size charts that list every tire by wheel size or by diameter to make your search as simple as possible. Each metric tire measurement shows both the metric tire size and the inch equivalent. To calculate a metric tire size into inches you multiply the first number by the second number devided by 100 which gives you the. Discounted Wheel Warehouse has huge discounts on 18 inch custom wheels at blow out prices. 18 inch Rims at Blow-Out prices! This sale lasts for a limited time; so get them while they're hot! We carry Complete Wheel & Tire packages, fast shipping right to your door For example, if the original stock tire size is 215/65R17 and you buy 18-inch wheels, the right tire size for the larger rims might be 225/55R18, with the differences being the larger-diameter.. As well, going to the other front wheel (the one turned out) and checking the space between the rear of that tire and the well will give you the second clearance. The smaller of the 2 is the max increase in diameter. By the way, increasing tire size reduces engine performance. T

There you go, the equal tire size on a different size wheel using the tire converter on the right. Also browse our tire conversion charts to get ideas on tire conversion or to find the tire that is right for you. Also browse our tire categories and deals pages for Jeep tires, 4X4 tires, cheap new tires, all weather tires, cheap truck tires, all. 18 inch rims at unbeatable prices is what Discounted Wheel Warehouse has to offer. We offer Diablo 18 inch rims, Lexani 18 inch rims, Ultra 18 inch rims in chrome and polished. 18 inch rims wholesale. Our sales staff has 18 years combined experience, to insure we fit the correct 18 inch rims to your application Mario Isola is the head of Pirelli's Formula 1 tire program. It's an interesting time in the sport, as new regulations for 2021 will see 18-inch wheels replace the 13-inch wheels the series has. Bigger wheels look cool, but wheel and tire size has a huge effect on ride, handling, and noise. And unfortunately with wheels, you can't usually can't test drive them before you make a purchase. The first number is a wheel diameter in inches. The second one is a wheel width in inches. Recommended tire sizes for a 18x8.5 rim. This table helps you to find the best tire size for your 18x8.5 rim because it collects the real users' experience from the car forums and wheel manufacturers (the data is taken from their galleries)

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18 inch Mamba M5 Rims and tires A few sizes I would recommend for the 17 inch Rims or the 18 inch Rims. Rim width range is approximate check each tire for the Manufactures recommended rim width range. Each suggested tire size is approximately 35 inches in overall diameter. Tire sizes for 17 inch Larger Wheels Are Heavier Generally, 20-inch wheels are heavier than 18-inch, unless you invest in lightweight alternatives. A 20-inch model will likely be 2 or 3 pounds heavier than an 18-inch wheel. Lighter wheels offer better performance and improved acceleration compared to heavier ones, so 18-inch wheels offer improved performance

18 inch size Chrome Rims Colors at. We provide better custom wheels and tires at affordable prices and superior customer service. Shopping online for rims and tires? Huge selection and great prices Tire Sizes. GMC Sierra 1500 Options. 17-Inch. 245-70-17. 265-70-17. SL 4x2 SL 4x4 SLE 4x2 SLE 4x4 SLE 4x4 Ext. Cab Long Box SLE Z71 SLT 4x2 SLT 4x4 SLT 4x4 Ext. Cab Long Box SLT Z71 WT 4x2 WT 4x4 WT 4x4 Ext. Cab Long Box XFE. 18-Inch. 265-65-18. Hybrid SLE Z71 SLT Z71 A 1-in.-larger rim diameter and 1-in.-wider rim width is a Plus 1 size upgrade; in this case, the 16-in. rim below. Plus 2 and 3 are shown, slightly exaggerated, on the 17- and 18-in. wheels. 18 inch size Machined Rims Colors curva concept Wheels Brand curva concept Rims Make at. We provide better custom wheels and tires at affordable prices and superior customer service. Shopping online for rims and tires? Huge selection and great prices Rims and Tires for Ford Raptor at Tire Rack 17 and18 inch and yes you can fit a 22 inch Rim on the Ford F150 Raptor. I would suggest using either the 17 or 18 inch Rims for the mudder set up. Check the Ford F150 Raptor with 18 inch Mamba M5 Rims and tires A few sizes I would recommend for the 17 inch Rims or the 18 inch Rims

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  1. 18-Inch Tires. Explore Bridgestone's wide selection of 18 inch tires. From all-season tires to performance tires, all-terrain tires and winter tires, Bridgestone offers a wide range of tires meant to complement any driving style or road condition. Find the best 18 inch tires for your vehicle below
  2. The tire size for your Ford F-150 depends upon the year of manufacturer. Select the year of your F-150 to narrow down the results. 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 1991 1990 1989 1988 1987 1986 1985 1984 198
  3. 4351 unique rims models. Over 70k rims and wheels fitment. Vehicle fitment guarantee.4 call centers w/ rims enthusiasts.Free stuff* on rims and tires combo orders. Amazing mobile friendly wheel visualizer.Very active social media pages with real reviews. Financing options available
  4. At CARiD, we store the largest selection of custom 18 wheels designed and manufactured specifically for your vehicle. Chrome rims and black wheels, silver, bronze, and custom painted - all the custom rims in 18 inch sizes are here, waiting for you

Hi,Shane,Yes,17 inch is OEM size.It can fit for,18 inch too.If for 17 inch,the biggest tire is 295/55/17.If 18 inch,265/55/18.Can you explain sitting out flush with guards for me?May be i can give you more fitable advices 18-inch: 18X9 with 5.5-inch backspacing front and rear. Use tires with an aspect ratio of 35 or less with section widths of 245 to 25 in front and 275 in the rear. A: Been several posts in the past on this Biggest size on an unaltered 1967, 1968, 1969 is 235-60 x15 on 8 in wheels G has 225s on 8 in snowflakes, I used 235s on 7 in snowflakes.

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18 Inch Motorcycle Wheels and Rims, Touren 18x9 Car and Truck Wheels, 5x120 Car and Truck Wheel and 18 Rim Diameter Tyre Packages 8 Rim Width, Alloy 5x120 Car & Truck Wheel & Tire Packages 18 Rim Diameter, 5x120 Bolt Pattern 18 Rim Diameter Car & Truck Wheel & Tire Packages, 5x120 40 Offset Car & Truck Wheel & Tire Packages 18 Rim Diameter Looking for quality aftermarket wheels for your Lexus GX 460 at an affordable price? Wheelfire has you covered with free shipping, mounting and balancing on all wheel and tire packages. Search here for wheels in size 18 inch, offset STD / LEX and 6 x 139.7 lug pattern to fit your 2019 Lexus GX 460 Ford F-150 - Find out the correct alloy wheel fitment, PCD, offset and such specs as bolt pattern, thread size(THD), center bore(CB) for all model years of Ford F-150. Choose a model year to begin narrowing down the correct tire size 18x9-265/35-18 18x10-285/35-18 I went with those size tires cause Americanmuscle.com offered them with them mounted and balanced. The front tire is fine it's the back tires that will be replaced with 305 or 315's 18 inch rims, tire size? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 8 of 8 Posts. LP_Stealth · Premium Member. Joined Dec 8, 2004 · 964 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Dec 23, 2007. getting some 18 inch rims and I was wandering what everyone preferes for tire sidewall size?.

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Custom 18 inch wheels and rims by TSW. TSW offers a range of custom staggered 18 inch wheels and rims for your car, truck and SUV The 18 inch wheels for the 8x6.5 (8x165.1) bolt pattern open the door to some larger wheel and tire options. In sizes 18x8.5, 18x9, 18x10, and 18x12, options range from a stock look to a wide stance 18x12 capable of handling virtually any tire you can think of on the 18 8x6.5 wheels 1) Size 255/40ZR18/XL (99Y), diameter of the tire is 26.0 inch. 2) Size 245/45ZR18/XL (100Y) , diameter of the tire is 26.7 inch. 3) Size 245/40ZR18/XL (97Y) , diameter of the tire is 25.7 inch. Should I go with #1 because it's the widest tire that is officially inside the rim width range and it's also the closest to the stock tire diameter Immediately available tire sizes that are with in plus or minus 3% variance will be displayed. Select the tire sizes to compare to your stock size and click 'Compare Selected Sizes'. Tire Calculator Notes: Tire diameter can vary slightly for each tire model. The listed diameters are from calculations based on the tire size. When changing tire.

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  1. Farm and Tractor Tires by Rim Size. Select your rim diameter from the list below. Sub-Categories. 9 Inch Rim Farm and Tractor Tires. 18 Inch Rim Farm and Tractor Tires. 19 Inch Rim Farm and Tractor Tires. 19.5 Inch Rim Farm and Tractor Tires. 20 Inch Rim Farm and Tractor Tires
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  3. You can purchase tires along the 18 wheel by select tire size in the dropdown list. After selecting the tire size, system will show all tire options with tire brand and package prices. The 18 inch chrome rims package deal includes FREE mount, balance and lug-nuts [open lug only] and Free shipping
  4. I'm limited by the 7.5 wheel diameter on those 7 spoke Sahara wheels so it's unlikely I can go to a much wide tire than the 275/65R18 anyway. But if I COULD go to a wider tire on those narrow rims, then yeah, this would open up more possibilities
  5. Wheels for sale at Wheelfire.com. Size: 18 inches. Browse thousands of 18 inch wheels sold by one of the largest custom wheels and tires online retailers
  6. If the benchmark weight to beat is the OEM level V 17 wheel/tire at 44 lbs, then what 18 inch tire size do some of you have or plan to get? It's either going to be 225/40/18 or 215/40/18, and the 215's typically weigh about 1-2 lbs less than the 225's. But 225 have the advantage of slightly more cushion from the road
  7. However, if you go too crazy and change your wheel size too much, it can cause some problems. When changing the car's original wheels and tires, the general rule of thumb is that you can go up or down by one inch. For example, if your car is currently riding on 17-in wheels, you can reduce the size to 16 inches

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In the automotive world there is a concept known as plus sizing of wheels. The concept is basic, if you have a vehicle with 18-inch wheels, plus one would be a 19-inch wheel and plus two would be 20 inches. Moving to a 20-inch wheel from 18 inches can provide several advantages For example a tire size 35X12.50-20 is typically fitted on a 9.0 wide wheel, therefore the tire width is 12.5 with the wheel much narrower than the tread width. For sports cars, the general rule of thumb is to match the wheel width to the tread width in inches At 18 you're up to 56.55 inches. That's almost 6% more with only one revolution. Here's what you do so that changing the wheel size won't affect the speedometer. You're going to change the standing height of the tire. In other words, since you added an inch to the wheel, you can subtract an inch from the standing height of the tire 7,360. 39.9526° N, 75.1652° W. Vehicle: 2017 4WDV6LB6MT. Most everyone here will have 16 and 17 which are factory size rims as you know. I'd reconsider the 18 rims, may look a little odd like big SUV rims on a medium size truck. Grossomotto, Jul 13, 2018 All 18 inch tires are listed by width, height, and diameter below. Choose the correct size for your car, truck, or SUV to see how quick and affordable shopping for tires can be. 275-65-R18. 275-70-R18. 265-70-R18

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I'm considering going up in tire size to get more clearance but don't want to go the route of a considerable lift. Here are my questions: 1. While the 2019 has a 2 inch factory lift. It's my understanding that it doesn't have a leveling kit and doing so would allow me to run 34's (295-70-R18) on the factory rim. Has anybody done this? 2 Cali Off Road Rawkon 9109 Wheel 20x12 6x5.5 (6x139.7) Matte Black -54 MM - IN CART DISCOUNT! $447.69. $406.99. You save $40.70! 1 Review. Buy Now. Quick view Compare. Ridler 651 Wheel 22x9.5 Grey Machined Lip 5x4.5 (5x114.3) 18mm Offset. - IN CART DISCOUNT The hub lip - not the wheel bolts - centers the wheel on the hub. This is known as a 'hub-centric' fitment. Most BMW wheels use a 72.6mm center bore. It is very important that your new wheels have a hubcentric fit to the car. Beveled Edge. the back of the center bore will either have a straight or beveled edge

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Max tire sizes are: 18″ rims: 285/75 R18 - 4/10ths wider and 2.8″ taller than factory. 18″ rims: 305/70 R18 - 1.2 inches wider and 2.8″ taller than factory. There are Tundra owners running this size, but trimming is required. Replacing the stock wheels with after-market 18′s that have less backspacing is recommended Below is a breakdown of 5th and 6th Gen Camaros, Front and rear sizes for both wheels and tires. 5th Gen Camaro 9 Wide Front (F. 245 / 45 / 20) x 10 Wide Rear (R. 275 / 40 / 20 Regardless of the car you drive, high-quality dependable wheels are essential for getting you where you want to go. Not only do they contribute to your speed, mileage, and the smoothness of your ride, but the best wheels also add style and safety. You can count on Costco to offer only the best deals on professional-grade automobile wheels Find tire sizes that are compatible with your 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Lt With 18-inch Wheel and buy online today at Goodyear.com

At CARiD.com, we showcase the latest online catalog of custom rims and car tires manufactured by the most reputable names in the industry. You are welcome to choose from hundreds of finishes, ending up with shiny chrome or captivating black wheels, and from myriads of size options, from elegant 18 inch rims to gargantuan 28 wheels. All of the. 20 Inch Chrome Replica Land Rover Evoque Wheels Rims. 0. out of 5. SKU: LDR-235-20-CHR. Set of Four. Condition New. $1,095.00 For more info on these wheel sizes, check out my guide: 650b Vs 700C bike wheels; 26 Inch Vs 700C bike wheels; 18 Inch (355 mm) Folding Bike Wheels. This is the least common folding bike wheel size. In fact, the only folding bike manufacturer that I'm aware of that uses 18 inch wheels is Birdy. 18 inch wheels offer a mid-size between 16 and. Buy Road Ready Car Wheel For 2003-2017 Lincoln Navigator 2011-2017 Ford Expedition 2004-2020 Ford F150 2006-2008 Lincoln LT 18 Inch 6 Lug Black Steel Rim Fits R18 Tire - Exact OEM Replacement - Full-Size: Car - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchase

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2 Crave No.26 Black with Machined Face and Machined Lip. $375.00 - $496.87 $300.00 - $397.50. Sale +18 offset on a 9 rim is 5.75 backspacing. That is going to move your tire 0.25 closer to your uca. You should be alright with just the 265's, but if you could find a rim with 4.5-5 backspacing you'll have even less chance of rubbing. My rims are BBS RWs with 5.4 backspacing, 18x9, with 265/65/18 hankook dynapro atm's New BFG Redline for 18-inch Wheels--We Got 'Em! May 31, 2011. That's right, we're proud to announce the availability of the new BFGoodrich Radial T/A Spec 245/55R18 Redline from Coker Tire! These tires were originally designed for use on the special edition Hurst Camaro, which is an awesome car built from a collaboration of the biggest names in.

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Another aspect of this I suppose would be tire/sidewall size. Ideally I would like to get to as close to a 34 so I don't have to mess with KDSS relo, etc. My preference would be for a 285/70/18 on the 18 inch rims, but I'll be waiting on that until they come out with an AT in that size Wheel size: 18x8 inches Tire size: 225/50R18 Mean lap time: 43.339 sec. Here's a shocker for those hailing from the bigger is better camp: The 18s didn't win this little comparo. For one, the 18-inch wheel and tire package yielded a real degradation in ride quality on our road loop Bicycle tires come in a variety of sizes and, with time, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has developed a universal system to better understand and regulate tire and rim sizing. The tire size chart below includes bicycle tire sizes and how they are commonly written

You non big wheels guys are a dying breed. my father in law swore that he HATED big wheels and would never switch, but he finally saw the light and put some 17's on his 67 vette. it looks WAY better!! its amazing how things grow on you. and with the younger generation, its only going to get even more on-sided. when was the last time you saw a young guy driving on stock wheel sizes (except for. ISO Sizes for Bicycle Tires and Rims. Think all 26 tires are the same size? They aren't. There are actually three different 26 tire sizes. To get the correct size tire, don't rely on the common size - use the ISO measurement from the tire or measure your rim This Is How Different Wheel Sizes Affect Winter Tire Performance. By. Kristen Lee. 10/23/18 3:40PM. the 17- and 18-inch tires out-performed the 16-inch tires in terms of dry braking, handling.

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These Genuine 18 Inch Jeep Wheel and Tire Packages are sure to get you rolling! Take your pick of our expertly matched Jeep Tire and Rims Each Wheel and Tire Package offers a customized look for your Jeep Take on any adventure, off-road or on-road, with these high quality setups California Residents: WARNIN 275/70-18. the 275 means that the tires width is 275mm. The wider you have the better traction you have (if all other variables stay the same). the 70 is an aspect ratio, the sidewall height is 70% of 275mm (192.5mm) so from the ground to the rim should be 192.5mm. the -18 is the rim size 318. Mickey Thompson offers a 22 inch wide radial tire in the new SR style if you want the biggest available in the world! Other sizes are available but noone makes them any wider then M/T and the new tire is really nice. You can see all the new sizes listed on my site at www.evodindustries.com . 07-05-2006 #9 Kia Soul 18-Inch Rims And Tires. Kia's fully-redesigned Soul crossover vehicle comes available with three different rims sizes. The entry level Soul LX is fitted with 16-inch rims and tires, while the higher grade EX trim level enables you to upgrade and go with the optional 17-inch alloy wheels and tires. The top-of-the-range Kia Soul comes. The first number to appear in your tire size information is the width, in millimeters, of the correct tires for your vehicle: P 225 /70R16 91S. Tire width always refers to the measurement from one sidewall to another. Thus, a tire with the measurement P225 is for a passenger vehicle and has a nominal width of 225 millimeters

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Pirelli tested 18-inch rims in 2014 when the idea of low-profile tyres was first mooted, but it was mainly to offer imagery of the different tyre size. Pirelli tested 18-inch wheels and low. SAN JOSE STORE 41 SOUTH CAPITOL AVE. SAN JOSE, CA 95127 408-258-8273 sales@caliwheels.com . STORE HOURS: 10-6PM Monday - Friday - CLOSED WEEKENDS CAMPBELL STORE 2250 WINCHESTER BLVD. CAMPBELL, CA 95008 408-341-1646 sales@caliwheels.co At Get Your Wheels, we're passionate about providing quality wheel and tire products at competitive prices. You'll discover the options you need from our comprehensive selection of aftermarket wheels and tires from reputable brands including Vossen Wheels, TSW Alloy Wheels, Enkei, and Avant Garde

Custom Wheel Visualizer. Big O Tires is proud to bring you the hottest wheel brands on the road today. We know wheels. And we know the companies who make them! We've hand-picked quality wheel brands whose products reflect a passion for design and craftsmanship Size Wheels Gallery. EXCLUSIVE BRANDS . Auscar Monster. TOP BRANDS . CSA Mullins Dynamic ForgeAuto KMC-XD PDW. USAGE . Passenger Passenger/SUV 4x4. WHEEL TYPE . 5 Spoke 18 Inch Diameter Wheels. View: 2036 Products. $279. Hotwire - Gloss Black/Machined Face - 18X8 5/108 P42. View details 18 Forgeauto FA-5 & Radar Dimax. Explore our large online selection of tires and wheels for low prices. Enjoy free lifetime flat repairs and more when you choose Belle Tire. Belle Tire Career Day Aug 5th 9am-5pm. Walk-in any location to interview! Search by tire size. Save up to $170 off a Set of Tires

Firestone 750-18 - 4 3/4 Whitewall. $445.00. Add To Cart. 1 2 Next Page View All. The information below applies to tires only, not other products such as our wheels or accessories. Our Tire Prices Include Shipping Charges except for Goodyear, Premium Sport and Trailer Tiress. No Hidden Fees or Trick Charges Starcorp Racing Wheels. PRICE FROM $ 185 ea. SIZE: 18x9.0. COLOUR: Semi Matte Black Milling Spoke Milling Points. FITMENTS: 1 Available. In-store fitting, balancing, and Installation kit included NEW Michelin LTX A/T 2 Tire Size 275/70/18 Load E 10Ply $150 (Belle Vernon Area) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $95. Jaguar f type 18 inch wheels and tires $550 pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $0. favorite this post Jul 23 Four (4) 225/50/17 used tires

JAX Tyres & Auto offers great deals on 18 Inch Tyres with prices from $119. Contact JAX Tyres & Auto today on 1300 367 897 to get the right size tyres and advice for your vehicle Joined Mar 30, 2018. ·. 2 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 30, 2018. All, Looking for some clarification. I want to replace my doughnut spare with a full size. I have a 2018 Outback with 18inch Tires/Wheels. I did some quick measurements and without actually pulling the tire, i do not think a full size will fit Table of Wheel Weights. 18lb. '94 - '97 7-spoke alloy, semi-hollow spokes & mounting pad. '94 - '97 7-spoke alloy, solid spokes & mounting pad. * There is some controversy about the actual weight of the BBS wheel. We've received several conflicting weights ranging from 8.5 to 10.6 lbs

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  1. Custom wheels, tires, and custom wheel covers are what add more to the look of your golf cart. You can dress-up your plain-Jain golf cart by using 14-inch, 12-inch, 10-inch, or 8-inch tires and wheels. Bigger tires are available for golf carts which were lifted by lift kits
  2. For example, an 18 inch alloy wheel belonging to an SUV may cost as much as $371 dollars and the price can jump up to $569 for an optional 20 inch wheel. If you purchase larger wheels as part of an optional package on a newly purchased car, or as standard gear on a higher trim level, then the initial cost may not be as high
  3. 100 Spoke Straight-Lace Wire Wheels are available in Lip-Lace, Standard and Reverse Styles. 13 - 18 Inch Sizes. You must purchase a set of four to receive the hammer or hub removal tool, free of charge. Dayton Wire Wheels have been serving the Wire Wheel enthusiast since 1916. The Wire Wheel never needs truing
  4. $1,040.00 /4 WHEELS + 4 TIRES MAZZI SPOON 355 Chrome Multi-Spoke 17x7 - 4x100 Wheels - Rims + Sunny SN380 205/40/1
  5. 4 winter tires Only one winter used 97% treat left on the tires 18 inch rims Bolt pattern 5x112mm Fix on any Mercedes cla 250/C300/C350/C400 $1190O.B.O 416-821-7757 Favourit

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  1. Off-Road Wheels. We carry a large selection of off-road custom wheels for your truck or Jeep. Choose from a wide selection of brands including American Force, Fuel, Moto Metal, ATX Series, Hardcore off-road, XD Series and more! Call us for fitment or any question you may have at 800-232-0734. Our hours our located on the contact us page
  2. Step 1: Use our Wheel Configuration Reference found further down on this page to find what bolt pattern, wheel sizes, and offsets will work with your Civic. Your new wheels must be the same bolt pattern as your original factory wheels, but you can choose a different size and offset. In general, we DO NOT recommend getting a wheel that is more than 2 inches taller or 1.5 inches wider than your.
  3. ReadyWheels offers the Worlds largest selection of Wheels, Rims, and Tires from over 100 brands, with over 50,000 wheels, rims, and tires in stock. CONTACT US PH: 877-473-2399 Mon - Fri 10:00am - 7:00pm EST Sat 10:00am - 6:00pm EST customerservice@readywheels.com CLICK HERE TO ACCESS OUR ONLINE INQUIRY FOR
  4. e which wheel sizes (e.g. 18, 19, 20 etc.) will fit your vehicle and the wheel's specific dimensions. If you are browsing our product range without using our web configurator it is important.
  5. Style Steel Rally. YearOne Z/28 5 Spoke Rally Wheels (See All) Z/28 5 Spoke Rally Wheels. YearOne Corvette Rally Wheels (See All) Car 5 x 4 3/4 lug pattern. Corvette Rally Wheels - Car 5x4.75 lug pattern. Corvette Rally Wheels - Truck 5x5 Lug Pattern. YearOne Honeycomb wheels (See All) Honeycomb - Billet
  6. i bikes , toys ,Nintendo switch etc. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers. post id: 7339638945
  7. WHEEL AND TIRE PACKAGES FINANCING. We offer Wheel And Tire Package Financing for customers with both developed and no credit. With rates as low as 0% APR we can finance your wheel and tire package with terms lengths up to 3, 6, 12, 18 and 36 months. Learn more about our Wheel And Tire Package Financing

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  1. Dodge Ram wheels 6 lug! Only 300 miles on them. 18 inch rims tire size 275/65r18 Asking 800 OBO . do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offer
  2. When choosing custom or updated wheels, view the clearly marked fitment years and sizes to ensure the best ride and continued safety while cruising! YEAR MODEL WHEEL LOCATION WHEEL SIZE OFFSET BACKSPACING TIRE SIZE 1984 Corvette Front 16x 8.5 (+) 32mm 5.5 P255/50VR-16 Rear 16x 9.5 (+) 38mm 6.25 P255/50VR-1
  3. um alloy forging and available in 20x8, 20x9.5, 20x10.5, 22x8.5, 22x10.5, 22x12, 24X9, 24x10, 26x9, 26x10. We've taken the guess work out of perfect fitment for your classic or lowered street truck. Tucked, tubbed, slammed and shaved it'll be a cakewalk for you to get that perfect fitment with the new Precision.
  4. 1994-04 Mustang 18-Inch Wheels. When it comes to the SN95 Mustang, its hard to deny the appeal of a staggered set of 18 inch wheels. 1 1. Currently, we offer a selection of our favorite OEM style replica wheels, including Bullitts, Saleens, Cobra Rs, and FR500s. Each wheel style is available in multiple finishes ensuring you find the perfect.
VS XX - PerformaLink - High Performance and Quality AlloyCan I STRETCH my stock Dunlop tires from '11 WRX on RotaFOOSE DF-5 Chrome 5-Spoke 18 inch Wheels | Rims | Tires