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  1. A mandrake is the root of a plant, historically derived either from plants of the genus Mandragora found in the Mediterranean region, or from other species, such as Bryonia alba, the English mandrake, which have similar properties. The plants from which the root is obtained are also called mandrakes
  2. The mandrake root is a plant in the nightshade family rich in folklore and history. Its scientific name is Mandragora officinarum, and it grows mainly in countries near the Mediterranean Sea. Mandrake is a perennial with a long stem and short trunk. The leaves resemble a cabbage or edible green, but they are not edible
  3. The mandrake has long had mystical connotations, both because of its narcotic effect and because of the appearance of its root, which is said to resemble a human. A mandrake is a plant of the Nightshade family used primarily for its anesthetic and supposedly magical properties
  4. European mandrake is an herb that is the subject of many superstitions. Some people believe that it has magical powers. The root and leaves are used to make medicine. People take European mandrake..

Mandrake belongs to the Solanee family and is known to have roots that look like human genitals. It has long thick root with dark green leaves, white flowers with a purple hue and its fruit are very similar to an apple. Also, this plant is easily identified through its strong and unpleasant smell Mandrake is an unassuming little root with a formidable reputation. It is considered one of the most mysterious and potent of all magickal herbs. Mandrake was probably first adopted by magicians because of its psychoactive properties and its occasional resemblance to the human body. It is still used in countless magickal spells and charms

Mandrake Root is a song by Deep Purple that is featured on their debut album Shades of Deep Purple. The title is in reference to the mandrake plant, but is also the name of a pre-Purple band that Blackmore was trying to form in Germany when he got the call from Deep Purple's original management The mandrake root is a sedative and it is highly poisonous. It was also a weapon of choice for many people throughout history. The Carthaginians under General Hannibal in around 200 BC infused wine with the root and then left it on the tables for their enemies The mandrake is just one of 2,500 species belonging to the Solanaceae family, which also contains tomatoes, potatoes, chillies, aubergines, peppers, tobacco, deadly nightshade and henbane - they.. A mandrake is a short-stemmed, flowering plant in the nightshade family (and therefore related to the potato). Mandrakes are mentioned in one passage in Genesis and once in Song of Solomon. Mandrakes have unusually large, forked roots that sometimes resemble a human body with open arms and legs In the Bible's Book of Genesis, mandrake root helps Rachel conceive Jacob, and in Greek mythology, Circe and Aphrodite are thought to use it as an aphrodisiac. But its powers are not only mythical:..

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Mandrake (Mandragora officinarum) has a long history and many superstitions attached to it. There are references to it in the Bible as well as in ancient books of magical practices. Perhaps the most widespread superstition attached to mandrake is the belief that the root screams as it is pulled from the ground The mandrake's roots can look bizarrely like a human body, and legend holds that it can even come in male and female form. It's said to spring from the dripping fat and blood and semen of a hanged.. Mandrake Root. Mandrake Root- In witchcraft and occult practices, mandrake root is a very common and poten herb that witches use as an ingredient to various spells, oils, potions, and ceremonial offerings. Mandrake root is said to come in male and female shapes where male mandrake roots resemble the shape of a human male and the female. Mandrake is a large leaved plant with a stout root that may grow offshoots. The leaves are arranged in rosettes. The plant produces small round berries from pretty violet-blue flowers, which have been referred to as Satan's apples. In fact, the late summer fruits emit a strongly apple-like aroma

The mandrake root is a powerful hallucinogenic. The active ingredients cause a condition called anticholinergic toxicity, which causes severe physical and psychological side effects, including delirium. There's a lot of history and superstition surrounding mandrake because of these effects, as well as the unique human-like shape of the roots Just what is Mandrake Root? | The Magickal properties of Mandrake. Let's discuss the Magickal properties of Mandrake Root and Mandrake Oil. Visit my online s..

Mandrake Information. Mandrake is hardy in USDA zones 6 through 8. Growing mandrake in deep, rich soil is easy, however, the roots will rot in poorly drained or clay soil. Mandrake needs full sun or partial shade . It takes about two years for the plant to become established and set fruit The roots of the Mandrake are very nearly allied to Belladonna, both in external appearance and in structure. The plant is by modern botanists assigned to the same genus, though formerly was known as Mandragora officinalis, with varieties M. vernalis and M. autumnalis

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Mandrake officinale is a legendary plant, used since more than 4000 years in traditional medicine. The root to a form of human (such as the famous Ginseng) As stated above, mandrake roots belong to the nightshade, or Solanae family. This is an enormous plant family comprising around 2,500 members including such harmless dietary staples as tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, and bell peppers

Mandrake Root (Pan's Labyrinth) The Mandrake Root is a root that appeared in a Spanish film, Pan's Labyrinth In Germanic folk magick a mandrake root (called alraun) was treated as a poppet or as its own spirit worked with for good luck and enhanced magickal power, this poppet was called a manikin which.. Mandrake Root = Mandrake Flower = Hungry MandrakeWhaat can be found in these items? You get random items from all of the above Mandrakes, and sometimes. A Mandrake, also known as Mandragora, was a magical and sentient plant which had a root that looked like a human (like a baby when the plant is young, but maturing as the plant grows). When matured, its cry could be fatal to any person who heard it Mandrake Alcohol-Free Liquid Extract, Mandrake (Mandragora Officinarum) Dried Root Glycerite 2 oz. 2 Fl Oz (Pack of 1) 3.9 out of 5 stars. 39. $19.95. $19

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  1. Mandrake although a native, had the same reputation in the Middle Ages and earlier, as the Anglo-Saxons certainly believed that it was a magical root. It was said to grow under gallows trees where murderers had been hanged, and if one dug up the root death would surely follow
  2. g and aphrodisiac properties. One or two glasses of a 1% infusion of mandrake roots can be taken, and root powder is taken as 200 mg pills three times a day
  3. mandrake: 1 n a plant of southern Europe and North Africa having purple flowers, yellow fruits and a forked root formerly thought to have magical powers Synonyms: Mandragora officinarum , devil's apples Type of: herb , herbaceous plant a plant lacking a permanent woody stem; many are flowering garden plants or potherbs; some having medicinal.
  4. The lore of MANDRAKE is an ancient theme in European witchcraft. The man-like root is said to scream when pulled from the earth, and hearing its cries to portend death, wherefore herb harvesters once employed dogs to yank MANDRAKES from the soil. European Mandrake is of the Atropa genus; in the Americas the name has adhered to the Podophyllum genus. In Hoodoo and Conjure this AMERICAN MANDRAKE.
  5. madder root. Wild mandrake, also called American mandrake, is a perennial plant in the barberry family that naturally occurs in woodland settings throughout eastern North America. The plant readily establishes itself by colonizing along the forest floor via underground rhizome offshoots often referred to as runners

A Mandrake Root was the root of a Mandrake.1 It was a powerful potion ingredient, that was the subject of many Muggle superstitions.2 Stewed mandrake roots that had matured beyond adolescence were the primary ingredient of the potent Mandrake Restorative Draught, a healing potion capable of.. Mandrake root is believed to have magical medicinal power. This herb is a subject of several superstitions. Both the roots and leaves of this plant have medicinal properties. In fact, its health benefits have known for more than 6000 years. Ancient people used it for religious purposes. People in Egypt believed that it has divine powers MANDRAKE. MANDRAKE (Heb. דּודָאִים (dūdā'īm)), Mandragora officianarum, a plant of the nightshade family native to the Mediterranean region and related to the deadly Atropa belladonna.The mandrake is best known for its large, brown roots that can extend several feet into the ground and branch off into thick, bizarre shapes, even crudely resembling the human form The Mandrake is a magical plant with powerful restorative properties. The root system takes the form of a small baby which matures into the form of small humanoid adult. The screams of the roots are dangerous; those of a full-grown adult mandrake can kill

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Mandrake - Traditional Medicine. Mandrake was the most popular anesthetic during the Middle Ages and used as a narcotic in the Elizabethan Age. During operations in Pliny's day, a piece of the root was given to the patient to chew before undergoing operations. The Ancients, including Romans, Greeks and Celts considered it a soporific and an. The mandrake plant is an aphrodisiac. You can perform love and relationships spells using a mandrake plant. Items needed: Vanilla, mandrake extract, musk, candle, pen, paper and underwear. Steps: Spray a few drop of the mandrake extract on your underwear. Make a mixture of vanilla, mandrake and musk. Roll the candle over the mixture Genemancer's Lab Grid Map and Guide - NonHD. In this website, I offers 2 guides to the Grid Event, one is for completing the grid purely for collecting dragons and the other is for purely going for the Mandrake Root + Dragon Breath Chests. Everything is labeled out as carefully as much as I could. Of course, you cannot get all the dragons. American mandrake (Podophyllum peltatum) is an entirely different plant belonging to the barberry family and should not be confused with the poisonous European mandrake which is a member of the Solanaceae family; An extract of American mandrake (Podophyllum peltatum) is used for treating warts. Podophyllotoxin is extracted from the roots and. The mandrake root's magic. During the Middle Ages, it was said that the plant-collecting alchemist had to clean the root, tie it to a dog and attract the animal so it would pull out the mandrake root, as there is a risk of death if one decides to pull out the root oneself. I'm sure many people have heard of the mandrake plant through its appearance in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter saga, in.

Mandrake definition is - a Mediterranean herb (Mandragora officinarum) of the nightshade family with large ovate leaves, greenish-yellow or purple flowers, and a large usually forked root resembling a human in form and formerly credited with magical properties Mandrake root is a hallucinogen, but it is also a very powerful emetic. It can also be used to help you sleep, but it is also a very powerful emetic. That being said, unless you want to poop your bed, vomit all over yourself, and wake up from a really bad trip in the emergency room your helpful and really worried friends took you to, use. A Mandrake, also known as Mandragora, is a magical and sentient plant which has a root that looks like a human (like a baby when the plant is young, but maturing as the plant grows). When matured, its cry can be fatal to any person who hears it Mandrake plant was used widely in magic because of its amazing medicinal properties. Both legends and folklore associated with this plant for good and bad showed the significance of this herb. Mandrake root has been using in cooking since ancient times. Ancient people realized its aphrodisiac properties. They used it as a remedy for impotence Mandrake, genus of six species of hallucinogenic plants in the nightshade family native to the Mediterranean region and the Himalayas. The plants are particularly noted for their potent roots, which somewhat resemble the human form and have a long history of use in religious and superstitious practices

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Deep Purple - The Platinum Collection (2005 Mandrake roots have been used for fertility problems for thousands of years. A classic case is found in the Bible, in the story of Rachel and Leah. The Greeks ascribed to the mandrake root the power of exciting the passion of love, and when steeped in wine or vinegar believed it would promote conception European mandrake is an herb that is the subject of many superstitions. Some people believe that it has magical powers. The root and leaves are used to make medicine. People take European mandrake root for treating stomach ulcers, colic, constipation, asthma, hay fever, convulsions, arthritis-like pain (rheumatism), and whooping cough

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Mandrake (Podophyllum peltatum) medicinal herb, also called Mandragora, is a plant that is native to North Africa as well as Europe. This a plant having purple flowers, yellow fruits as well as a forked root and it is strongly scented. The root is the main part used as herbal medicine Facts about Mayapple. Beneficial for jaundice, fever, syphilis, liver diseases, hearing loss, cancer,bowel movement, weakness, snakebites and tumors of different kinds. Podophyllum peltatum, also known as Mayapple, American mandrake or ground lemon, is actually an herbaceous perennial plant of the Berberidaceae (Barberry) family having umbrella. Mandrake. It's [sic] parsnip-shaped root has the look of a man. Harvest at night, lest it waken and screan. It grows in tilled earth in stages. Tall grass yields seeds. The Mandrake is a creature added by Witchery. Mandrakes are summoned by planting, growing, and harvesting Mandrake Seeds, which can be found be smashing tall grass European Mandrake roots hold steadfast to the ground that sustains them. Approaching them is an art of persuasion and harvesting the vital graciousness held in the Mandrake requires a quality of self-honesty. The name of Mandrake comes from ancient Summer and Egypt where it was called NAM - TAR, meaning 'plague of god' The Mandrake Root Hat - Beanie Newborn, Teen, Kid, Adult - Halloween Costume / Cosplay Wig / Baby Shower Or Christmas Gift KernelCrafts 5 out of 5 stars (718) $ 18.00. Add to Favorites Itty Bitty Mandrake Foil Buddies CDWArtShop 5 out of 5 stars (122.

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The mandrake is a notorious (albeit highly poisonous) plant of ancient origins with distinct features. Mandrakes commonly have a short stem bearing a tuft of oval leaves and these leaves form a rosette at the base of each plant. The flowers are bell-shaped and consist of five petals, usually purple or yellow in color, and its fruit is a fleshy. Gender:Male. Climate or location:adelaide. Posted January 1, 2003. i have smoked what i assume were fairly small roots until i ran out. great for pain if you want a sleep too.but i felt too thick headed for anything else. better as a mixer,recreationally i'd rather have brug. dosage was tiny at first [third of a match head] but increasd with usage

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Mandrake root was known to mages of yore as the Roof of Life for its aptitude in binding spells of power. Once thriving on silted riverbanks, this root in the shape of a human form has since become quite scarce. When found, keep it on your person, as the lowliest thief knows its value on the black market Mandrake is the common name for members of the plant genus Mandragora, particularly the species Mandragora officinarum, belonging to the. Mandrake root sits hiding under an umbrella, scary, funny, carved from wood. Figurine of mandrake root, which sits on a bench under an old umbrella, scary, funny. English mandrake Mandrake, Large Mandrake Root Plush, Crochet Mandrake Root, Mandrake Seedling, Mandrake Doll, Handmade Mandrake Doll, Mandrake Root BobbinsBlooms 5 out of 5 stars (42) $ 29.03. Add to Favorites Mini Mandrake Plant - Harry Potter Inspired Mandrake - Screaming Plant - Dangerous Plants - Harry Potter inspired Figure. Mandrake is a male LeafWing dragonet who was introduced in The Poison Jungle. He has leafspeak and served as an insect sorter for the PoisonWings before the events of The Poison Jungle. He was formerly betrothed to Sundew

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Mandrake root has been used for its medicinal properties, and also as a hallucinogen, and in religious contexts. La raíz de mandrágora se ha usado por sus propiedades medicinales, y también como alucinógeno y en contextos religiosos Mandrake Root. Take a piece of Mandrake Root and carve the name of the person you want into the root. As you do this, tell it what you want to be done. Add Red Clover & Rose Buds (sold separately) and wrap all of the ingredients together in a red handkerchief (sold separately) and place it under your pillow. The Mandrake Root also is used for. Laura Caparrotti founder and artistic director of KIT, Kairos Italy Theater, thus describes the story of The Mandrake Root (La Mandragola), a satirical play by the author of The Prince, Niccolò Machiavelli that will be performed by the company's young division, called YoungKIT, at Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimo' on December 5th (Members Only. Hog Apple. ---Parts Used--- Root, resin. ---Habitat--- The American Mandrake is a small herb with a long, perennial, creeping rhizome, a native of many parts of North America, common in the eastern United States and Canada, growing there profusely in wet meadows and in damp, open woods. ---Description--- The root is composed of many thick. Mandrake is one in every of the foremost potent and mysterious root utilized in spell and root work, It may be stuffed in a very doll creating method for the spell, root and healing work. Gender: Masculine Planet: Mercury Element: hearth. Deities: Greek deity, Hathor. Powers: Protection, Fertility, Money, Love, Healt

Mandrake Root was the first song ever recorded by Deep Purple, and although they ended their first show (in Denmark) with Hey Joe, it would soon become their closing number, and remained so for the next three years.Like the rest of their debut album it was recorded at Pye's Marble Arch studios over a weekend in May 1968, after their Danish tour, and produced by Derek Lawrence Mandrake Root Magick. In witchcraft and occult practices, mandrake root is a very common and potent herb used as an ingredient for various spells, oils, potions, and ceremonial offerings. Mandrake root is said to come in male and female shapes where male mandrake roots resemble the shape of a human male and the female root resembling the body. Answered by Jill D 4 months ago 1/17/2021 6:52 AM. Professor Sprout grows and uses mandrake root to cure the petrification of several Hogwarts students who had looked indirectly into the eyes of the Basilisk

The mandrake is not native to Briatain; it was often replaced by the similarly formed white bryony, invested with similar virtues and, in the United States, by the American mandrake, or May apple ( Pseudophyllum peltatum ), with a thick, yellowish, fleshly root in the mandrake tradition. The true mandrake is native to the Near East (Occultists have used mandrake roots for protection, and as aphrodisiacs.) Hanussen volunteered to do this himself, and at midnight on a night of a full moon, he took a mandrake root from a suitable location in Linz, Austria. Hanussen returned to Berlin with the mandrake root on New Year's Day, 1933 The Mandrake Plant - note the shape of the root which resembles the waist and thighs of man or woman. The root somewhat resembles the human form in that its thick root is often forked, suggesting human legs, and frequently has additional side roots, appearing to be arms. This has led to many superstitions to be associated with the mandrake

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The mandrake is a magical plant used frequently in spells and rituals. The root was also thought to scream when it was dug up from the ground, killing everyone who heard its cries. In the show, the mandrake is a big and grey root, similar to a straw voodoo doll. Morgause, with the help of her half-sister Morgana, used it to enchant Uther Pendragon and make him lose his mind. Morgause prepared. Mandrake root (MR) is a magical reagent used frequently in traditional Britannian and Serpent Islander magical practices, and also features prominently in a number of occult practices on Earth.Known to Terran botanists as mandragora, these plants are noted for the humanoid shape of their bifurcated root systems, and many varieties contain hallucinogenic alkaloids which have likely contributed. Mandrake is a poisonous plant whose humanoid-shaped roots have many magical properties. The necropolis of Fen Carn is said to have an unusually large population of female mandrake plants. Mandrake root does not grow in many places. Some known locations: Near the road that goes west from Lindenvale, close to the turn north to the fisherman's hut. On an island south-southwest from Lindenvale. If you look at the images of the mandrake root as it is portrayed in the movies, it is a little on the 'plumper' side of life, so feel free to run with this. Also, don't concern yourself with making it overly even - this is a plant root so lumps and bumps will add to the character Julia Goddeeris. May 30, 2011 at 4:19 pm. After reading Machiavelli's political treatise, The Prince, I was somewhat surprised by the completely different tone of his play, La mandragola (The Mandrake Root). Published around 1518, after the completion of The Prince, La mandragola was written during Machiavelli's exile from Florence

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Mandrake Root (Podophyllum peltatum) The Mandrake Root, or Podophyllum peltatum, is an herb native to the New World. Podophyllum peltatum is found growing in parts of northeastern North America and has been used medicinally for hundreds of years. Mandrake Root is sometimes called the umbrella plant, because of its similar appearance to a closed. Mandrake Root (May Apple) Podophyllum peltatum Money, fertility, detoxifying Mandrake (American) also called May Apple, is used as a substitute for the European Mandrake. It is used for money rituals, fertility, and some detoxifying remedies. Use caution. Methods include burning, sachets and tinctures May Apple, American Mandrake . Updated 03/27/2021. Podophyllum peltatum . The whole May Apple plant, apart from the ripe fruit, is toxic. The herb produces nausea and vomiting, and even inflammation of the stomach and intestines, which has been known to prove fatal Mandrake Root is an ingredient in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It has cure disease as its first effect, which can be used to cure diseases by eating it raw. Mandrake roots are also much lighter and cheaper than cure disease potions. A large number can be found in the Colovian Highlands There is also one at the Arcane University The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Everquest Item Information for Mandrake Root. this is VERY useful for tailoring skill 25 to 60 or so cheaper than silk swatchs also makes woven mandrake the wovens used for something not sure what yet i'll post soon as i get more info whould love any input on this thoug Related WordsSynonymsLegend: Switch to new thesaurus Noun 1. mandrake root - the root of the mandrake plant; used medicinally or as a narcotic mandrake devil's apples, Mandragora officinarum, mandrake - a plant of southern Europe and North Africa having purple flowers, yellow fruits and a forked root formerly thought to have magical powers root - (botany) the usually underground organ that. Mandrake Roots are used by the Heron Guard and the Journeymen for their healing spells. Their healing ritual has its roots in the initiation rites of the Heron Guard, but what brings about immortality in a truly exceptional person merely restores the vitality of lesser men. Their order teaches them to never use their own fatigue to do so in combat, for fear they'll exhaust themselves. These. The Mandrake Root is Machiavelli's tribute to ancient Greek and Roman comedy, with particular attention paid to Aristophanes and Plautus (a work by the latter of whom apparently inspired him to write the play). The story goes like this: Callimaco is a young Florentine man who has spent most of his formative life in Paris, wary of the political. I've got a Mandrake Root It's some thunder in my brain I feed it to my babe She thunders just the same Food of love sets her flame Ah, stick it up I've got the Mandrake Root Baby's just the same She still feels a quiver She's still got the flame She slows down, slows right down I've got the powe

1/4 cup mandrake root 4-6 red apples 6 cinnamon sticks 1 cup natural honey 2 quarts water First: you boil the root in 1 cup water seperate from the cider. Boil the root down and drain the root. Second: Boil the cider brew, once everything is complete pour the root mix into a cup, then pour the cider into your cup to infuse the mix Mandrake root is a perennial herb that was a commonly used ingredient in herbal folklore. Due to its toxicity, though, it is rarely used in modern herbalism. However, according to George Mason University, some research has indicated the chemical makeup of mandrake root may be beneficial in treating some forms of.

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The berries of true mandrake must be taken from the resting place of a dead man by the light of the moon. False mandrake berries are much simpler to harvest and can be used to create a purple dye. Some have suggested that the intense blooming of False Mandrake along the banks of the Vilayet during spring is a simple explanation for the fabled purple sails of the Turanian fleet. However. Mandrake Root Vendors. Mandrake Root is used in both Tailoring and Alchemy but moreso Alchemy. Due to this reason you'll usually find merchants marked [Alchemy Supplies] that sell the Mandrake Root that we need. As always, if Plane of Knowledge is live on your server I recommend that you purchase the Mandrake Root there Mandrake Root. WT: 0.1 Size: SMALL Class: ALL Race: ALL. 2.6p with 90 Charisma and amiably faction . Drops From. This item is not dropped by mobs. Sold by . Zone Merchant Name Area Loc West Cabilis: Klok Scaleroot (407, 511) Firiona Vie: Marlyn McMerin (-3813, 1669) Grobb: Blergagg (417, -427 Halas: Dargon (354, 356) Kerra Island

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The mandrake remains dormant for one year, after which time it grows into a thick, tuberous root that is shaped like a young humanoid sprouting a thick, leafy head of hair. If the root is pulled from the ground, it wails with such piercing fury that most common folk who hear it die instantly Mandrake (Mandragora) is an essential component of the Mandrake Restorative Draught. The question is, what part of the plant is used? The leaves? The human-like root? All of it? Would Prof. Sprout, the person who takes care of the Whomping Willow, agree to cutting up and boiling the mandrake creatures? After all they look and behave like humans. Mandrake is a poisonous plant whose humanoid-shaped roots have many magical properties. The necropolis of Fen Carn is said to have an unusually large population of female mandrake plants. A fresh mandrake is considered so toxic that the earth surrounding one is poisoned by the plant and that even breathing in the fumes or sprinkling the fresh juice onto a cut hand can have fatal consequences. MAYAPPLE!!!(aka American Mandrake) I ordered this thinking I was getting the root of ACTUAL Mandrake (Mandragora officinarum), instead I received Podophyllum peltatum roots which is known as American Mandrake

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Posted December 17, 2012. 1. Basically, Healer's is closed, Zombies will drain my life, I can't wait til sunrise or BY will kill me, and I have no saves before dark. I was going to get the mandrake root for BY and didn't realize I needed the unguent first. So I stupidly saved my game as soon as it was midnight, and now I'm stuck Alchemy. In Corruption of Champions II, there exists the ability to refine Transformative Items such that only a targeted region of effects will occur. In order for the Champion to understand alchemy, they must talk to Ivris at the Alchemist's Shop about Alchemy? The Mandrake Root is a poor Monsters episode that doesn't make much sense whichever way you look at it, the obscurities of the possible real life meaning or significance will be lost on most. 1 out of 7 found this helpful Mandrake is not a party drug, just as so many of the nightshades are not. The very name nightshade itself should ring bells... Yes, as a family these are powerful medicinals, both in the Western sense and in the shamanic sense The Mandrake Plant : Madragora Officinarum. Madragora Officinarum: Now it's very possible that this was the type of mandrake plant that Leah's son had found, while he was out and about. Know that this mandrake plant is very narcotic, and has a long fleshly forked root -- that could at times, resemble a human body

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Mandrake. Mandrakes is a type of plant that can only be found in the Petrified Forest biome. When broke they give a Mandrake Root which can be farmed on Dust blocks (Bone meal and compost accelerates the process). Mandrake Root is a necessary ingredient of the amazing Titan Stew . Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise. Define mandrake. mandrake synonyms, mandrake pronunciation, mandrake translation, English dictionary definition of mandrake. n. 1. a. A southern European plant in the nightshade family, having greenish-yellow flowers and a branched root. This plant was once believed to have.. The mandragora, or mandrake, was used as a sedative and to induce pain relief for surgical procedures. It has been depicted in tablets and friezes since the 16th century before the common era (BCE) and used for its sedative effects by Hannibal (second century BCE) against his enemies. The Romans used the mandrake for surgery

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